Saturday, February 9, 2008

Training isn't all climbing

I am trying to look at my training regimen holistically. I went to a nutritionist a few weeks ago to start adopting my diet

I am eating a lot of Lara Bars and Cliff Nectar bars, all fruit and nuts. Of course, I need to be told exactly what to and what not to eat, so I still eat a fair amount of Nachos, otherwise known as Gods food.

I am about to take some tests to see if I am to high in yeast or other bad things. Once I find out, I will go on a strict regimen to accompany my hiking and working out. I will update the blog as my nutritional plan develops. Who says nutrition is boring?

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Fippy said...

Sir Burtmund, (love that name!)
Thanks for your kind comments on my blog mtfippy. I'm glad you are posting again. I added a link to your blog into my blogroll so my friends can check out your blog as well.

You are taking this nutrition thing very seriously!

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