Sunday, January 27, 2008

Long time no post

So, admittedly, I am a slacker, but its been a while since I posted. You can see that we had a successful scaling of Nordhoff peak. My brothers in law finally cowboy'ed the F up and climbed that motha.

So now, whats new? New year! and a whole new attitude! With Rainier on the horizon, and a possible presidential range traverse for early march, I have decided to start the Extreme Makeover: Burt Edition immediately. What does that entail you ask? I am playing hockey 1-2 times per week, exercizing a lot more, and beginning to start training again by walking up treadmill, stair climbing, and outdoor hiking (even in 20 degree weather). I also went back to the nutritionist that helped reinvent me about 5 years ago. She is awesome. I am doing some tests to see how to tailor my diet, and I am on a whole regimen of supplements, vitamins, and homeopathic detoxes and remedies. Coming out of this, I should be able to fly, turn invisible, and shoot health rays from my fingers.


LC said...

BUrt, is this really you? Let's do a little trainning hike together soon - Im into this big time

Laura C

Graeme Ing said...

Searching for blogs about people embarking on the ambition of climbing some cool peaks; I came across several and yours is definitely one of the more interesting ones.

Keep it up! You are paving the steep icy path I hope to follow.

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