Thursday, February 22, 2007

In N Out - The perfect Training Meal

Does it get any better than In N Out? There is nothing like a double double animal style to get the juices flowing with expectations of great climbs!

After that, it was off to Real Cheap Sports in Ventura CA to buy some trail running (training) shoes and a day pack.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

When your heart says yes but your body says no

So, today was to be the summit attempt on Nordhoff peak, towering 5,400 feet over Ojai CA. George, my brother in law and I were all geared up for the summit attempt. However, no one asked for my right knees buy in to the plan. So alas, my knee, who needs a nickname, put a KIBOSH on the plan, so here I sit scaling the heights of the blogosphere as opposed to scaling the heights of Ojai.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Ojai and Training

So this week I am in Ojai Ca on vacation at the in laws. Its a beautiful spot with great hiking and elevation changes. Being that we are getting ready to commit to Rainier, I am hiking as much as I can. We tried to get up to Nordhoff peak yesterday, the peak in the photo. We had to turn around after a few hours for fear of risk of spousal unhappiness, but we will be shooting for our second summit attempt later this week.

Friday, February 16, 2007

The summit!!! Woo Woo!

The summit!!! Woo Woo!
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OK, just to prove that we actually did it, here is a photo of us at the summit!

Have a great week next week, I won't be near a computer!!!! WOO WOO

Day 5 and Feeling Alive!

5 days post climb. I am feeling much better, aside from the collection of fluid in my lungs (just kidding honey).

My knee is healing and I don't feel like a 90 year old anymore. In fact, I am now all about Rainier this summer.

I am about to leave for a week at the in-laws in Ojai Ca where I intend to begin my training in earnest for Rainier by hiking straight uphill as often as possible.

In the mean time, happy presidents day!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Day 4 and Still Sore!!!!

Thursday afternoon, 4 days after the climb, and I am basically back to myself except for my left upper arm, and my right knee, my two chronic areas.

Let me tell you, although tough, freezing and gear extensive, the climb was great! Talk about a feeling of accomplishment!

I have almost forgotten enough of the unpleasant parts so that I can discuss Rainier. Of course, to do Rainier, I will have to lose weight and get into shape. What can you do!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Sincere Apologies to the Gods of Mt Washington

tim at break on washington
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So, Sunday, get to EMS at 7 am for the big summit attempt. SEE THE VIDEO BELOW. This was hands down the hardest thing that I have ever done physically. 4.2 miles straight up to an elevation of 6,288.

Hiking through the bottom half, I was so sweaty (gross) that I ended up wearing only 3 layers of long underwear. Gear up near the tree line with Crampons and axe, climb nearly vertical snow (with ledges wide enough for one foot) until we are out of tree line. FREEZING AND WINDY!!! I couple of breaks behind rocks, but very exposed. Finally, after 4 hours, we make it to the summit. Woo Woo you say? Not even close. Try 3 hours back down. Thank god my knees can't think, or I would still be up there!

5 hour drive back home with chips, mcdonalds, chocolate covered peanuts, gatorade, diet coke and a S--T load of water.

Whats next? RAINIER BABY!!! Bring it on!!!!!

The Adventure Begins - Day 1

Mark and Tim at the Flume
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So, friday night comes. I hop over to Enterprise where I rent my 4 wheel drive jeep liberty (unlimited miles -- of course!) and drive over 5 hours to North Conway New Hampshire. The White Mountain Hotel is fine, nothing too fancy.

We head on over to EMS on Saturday, get outfitted for boots, crampons, ice axes and climbing harnesses, then head to an area called the flume to learn how to climb sheer ice cliffs. Work is stressful lately. We rope up and climb ice falls for most of the day, 1/2 mile of climbing in total.

This is not easy, let me tell you. "trust your crampons" and "ass over your ankles" is all I hear as I spend the day trying to run up sheer ice.

Dinner at Moats. Great Porter, amazing BBQ Brisket Nachos and a good peppercorn burger.

Monday, February 12, 2007

My Wife

So, before I even start blogging about this past weekend, I have to thank my wife. She is so incredibly supportive of this idiotic obsession of mine, to the point of encouraging me to go! She didn't only humor me, she actually pushed me! WHAT A WIFE!!!! I am so happy I told her about the 139 fatalities AFTER the climb. But seriously, my wife is the best. A great supporter, wife and mom. I summitted for you honey!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Let's Go A Climbin

So, two days to the adventure of the year. 5.5 hour drive from CT to North Conway NH on Friday night. Can you say car snacks and junk food?

Saturday is all about an introduction to mountaineering course including all facets of basic winter mountaineering. Ice Axes, Crampons and tons of other gear for me to buy one day!

Sunday, is a winter ascent of Mt. Washington, the highest mountain in New England at over 6,000 feet high. After we summit, and come down, its a 5.5 hour drive home. Woo Hoo! Can I get a whoop whoop?

If you are interested in reading about the climbing, check out the page at and look at the Two Day Mountaineering description that includes the wintertime ascent of Mt. Washington.

Wish us luck, and watch for the video of us planting the american flag at the summit!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

GameStop is No Longer My Favorite Store

So, GameStop in Danbury used to be my favorite. Being 41, I loved to go in and talk video games with the 12 year olds that worked there. But...

Now, The Outdoor Sports Center in Wilton is my new favorite. They knew everything about climbing and what I needed. John, who helped me, was about to go Ice Climbing this weekend.

So, instead of video games with a 12 year old, it was mountains with a 20 something. Dave Barry said it best "You can only be young once, but you can be immature forever".

6 Days til the mountain!

Saturday, February 3, 2007

The First Summit Via the Family Room Route

So, today marks the first successful summit attempt of the family room treadmill. Set on #12 incline (the highest possible)at # 3 speed for an hour, with a 20 pound pack on my back, I was able to summit quickly (until I knocked the power off by accident, DOH!!!!)

I also completed the supply acquisition for next weeks trek and quest for the Mt Washington gift shop route. Goggles, gloves, mittens... are all now ready for the yak caravan.

Oh, and I kicked Eddie's butt in Madden 07 (he is 8). We played Colts Vs Bears in Miami in a SB XLI preview. Bears won, 27 - 10. Bet it all!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Does anyone know David Breashears?

We need someone to chronicle the adventure of Mt Washington. I am aiming for the first ever ascent of the gift shop route. I would love Breashears to film in IMAX, but that might not be possible. I still have to work on getting a network to pick up the event.

Climbing Mt. Baker

Slideshow of Mt Washington Climb

Recording about the Mt. Washington and New Hampshire Trip - 2/11/07

6 Minutes of Video of the Mt Washington Climb 2-11-07

This is long but will give you a feeling for the climb on Sunday.