Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Adventure Begins - Day 1

Mark and Tim at the Flume
Originally uploaded by jburtrosen.

So, friday night comes. I hop over to Enterprise where I rent my 4 wheel drive jeep liberty (unlimited miles -- of course!) and drive over 5 hours to North Conway New Hampshire. The White Mountain Hotel is fine, nothing too fancy.

We head on over to EMS on Saturday, get outfitted for boots, crampons, ice axes and climbing harnesses, then head to an area called the flume to learn how to climb sheer ice cliffs. Work is stressful lately. We rope up and climb ice falls for most of the day, 1/2 mile of climbing in total.

This is not easy, let me tell you. "trust your crampons" and "ass over your ankles" is all I hear as I spend the day trying to run up sheer ice.

Dinner at Moats. Great Porter, amazing BBQ Brisket Nachos and a good peppercorn burger.

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