Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Sincere Apologies to the Gods of Mt Washington

tim at break on washington
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So, Sunday, get to EMS at 7 am for the big summit attempt. SEE THE VIDEO BELOW. This was hands down the hardest thing that I have ever done physically. 4.2 miles straight up to an elevation of 6,288.

Hiking through the bottom half, I was so sweaty (gross) that I ended up wearing only 3 layers of long underwear. Gear up near the tree line with Crampons and axe, climb nearly vertical snow (with ledges wide enough for one foot) until we are out of tree line. FREEZING AND WINDY!!! I couple of breaks behind rocks, but very exposed. Finally, after 4 hours, we make it to the summit. Woo Woo you say? Not even close. Try 3 hours back down. Thank god my knees can't think, or I would still be up there!

5 hour drive back home with chips, mcdonalds, chocolate covered peanuts, gatorade, diet coke and a S--T load of water.

Whats next? RAINIER BABY!!! Bring it on!!!!!

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