Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Let's Go A Climbin

So, two days to the adventure of the year. 5.5 hour drive from CT to North Conway NH on Friday night. Can you say car snacks and junk food?

Saturday is all about an introduction to mountaineering course including all facets of basic winter mountaineering. Ice Axes, Crampons and tons of other gear for me to buy one day!

Sunday, is a winter ascent of Mt. Washington, the highest mountain in New England at over 6,000 feet high. After we summit, and come down, its a 5.5 hour drive home. Woo Hoo! Can I get a whoop whoop?

If you are interested in reading about the climbing, check out the page at and look at the Two Day Mountaineering description that includes the wintertime ascent of Mt. Washington.

Wish us luck, and watch for the video of us planting the american flag at the summit!


Anonymous said...

How long is the drive to the top of the mountain

Anonymous said...

You're keeping us all in was the climb?!

Climbing Mt. Baker

Slideshow of Mt Washington Climb

Recording about the Mt. Washington and New Hampshire Trip - 2/11/07

6 Minutes of Video of the Mt Washington Climb 2-11-07

This is long but will give you a feeling for the climb on Sunday.