Saturday, May 10, 2008

Scott Waxenberg is awesome - or, don't fall in moose poop and rinse your hand in icy cold streams

Random thoughts from NH:

  1. Thank god we had a 2 person tent big enough for one person
  2. It was beautiful -- around 40 degrees.  we were well prepared with sleeping bags rated to -20
  3. Sara rocks!  She set us up from the EMS office in NH.  She is, in essence, the Russell Brice of the Presidentials.
  4. Scott drew WAY too many parallels to Brokeback mountain and Deliverance, but he truly loves his smoochie (I had to say that)
  5. Nothing tastes better than Beef Stroganoff, Chicken Teriyaki and Chili spiced Ramen noodels from foil bags
  6. With all due respect to President Eisenhower, his namesake mountain SUCKS
  7. We were going to get there but weather set in and Eisenhower mocked us.  BASTARD

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