Sunday, August 17, 2008

Some Random Things I learned on Rainier

  1. Bring a pee bottle
  2. Never blue bag when you can use an outhouse, even if you have to smell of it for a while
  3. Always bring an iPod
  4. Cram and Jam
  5. Where boots extremely loose
  6. Rent boots that are too big so your toes don't look like mine at the end
  7. Mini bagels are of no use on Rainier, especially a bag of 12
  8. Use the stairs in Mt Rainier National Park to train to climb Rainier
  9. Go up and down in style
  10. Always send OK messages from your SPOT on the way down or risk the wrath of your wife and mother in law
  11. No matter what you do, you will hurt for a week after!

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