Saturday, December 13, 2014

Mt. Normal Life

Here I am sitting around on a Saturday morning thrilled that I just have to do normal holiday errands.  Given that I don't have a lot going on today (yay) I thought I'd post a blog. The interesting (if you call it that) part is that I really don't have much to say. 

But here is what's going on with me. I'm on the umpteenth iteration of an idiotic diet to lose weight. My dad died young, and it's always on my mind so I am consciously thinking about how to get healthier. Obviously food is a critical component. 

I also decided I was tired of not being in great physical shape so I've started doing P90X. So far so good. I just finished week 2 and am happy with the discipline its i stilling in me. Results?  Kind of but not really for another few weeks. I guess I am able to do more of the exercises now than I was when I started so that's something. 

As for climbing, this is the tough time of year. I can hike but can't really climb until March at the earliest. But then I get caught up in kids activities so I can't really climb until late July or August. 

I'm thinking this year of trying Fishers Chimneys on Mt Shuksan, a tougher route up rainier or maybe even both. With my P90X training I should be able to conquer anything. 

As for the blog, I think it's going to evolve. I've always tried to focus iron the climbing side of middle aged mountain climbers, but I honestly see some middle aged thoughts starting to creep in. 

Stay tuned. The beauty of this blog is that it's really therapy for me.  If you like it too, it's a bonus!

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