Monday, June 4, 2007

The Tallies are In

The die is cast. After months of waffling, the decision has been made to scale Mt. Rainier at the beginning of the low season on September 27th. We are going with International Mountain Guides which is owned by famous climbers Eric Simonson (who emailed back and forth with me - how cool is that?) the Erschlers and others.

I am so excited about it. My shoulder is recovering, and I am starting to eat better and beginning to think seriously about exercising (thats the first step). I am thinking that exercising is a good thing to do before climbing a 14,410 foot mountain.

Of course, I have ordered a DVD of climbs on Rainier and a book by Eric Simonson.

One obstacle remains: MY WIFE!!!! She is supportive of my doing the climb, but she is required by IMG to cosign my waiver. Her reaction? "why do I want to sign something that says if YOU die I can't sue?" Tough to argue, but I will nonetheless.

Stay Tuned!

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