Tuesday, September 25, 2007

2 Days Until Departure

I am down to the wire and not blogging nearly as often as I should be. So, I leave Thursday morning from JFK to Seattle. Work has been very stressful lately, so I am happy to be jetting off to the remote wilderness where email and cell phones don't exist!

A lot has happened. My partner got sick, got a fever, felt he wasn't in shape, and backed out yesterday morning. So of course, I get panicked. Can I still go? Will the guide co cancel on me? I sent them a scared email last night, and got a reply today.

I can go with my guide, like a private mountain climbing lesson for 3 days, or I can join a group of 2 others. What are they like I asked? They have both climbed Rainier, one is going to climb in Bolivia, they have both taken 6 day courses and have prepped for Denali. Guess which one I opted for? Right, the one on one with the guide. I am realizing that this one is as much about my confiidence level as it is about the climb. Next time, I will go with the more experienced guys.

Any who, I will try and blog from out west with my cell, not sure if it will happen. I am very excited about this and very nervous at the same time. Will I summit? Will I sleep at all? Will I be able to eat? Will I crack my teeth on frozen Cliff bars?

I am trying to be Zen, enjoy the adventure for the adventures sake. It will be one of the most adventurous things I have ever done.

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