Sunday, April 22, 2007

Spring Break

So, last week was spring break, hence my no blogging. But, I AM BACK!!!! Good news on the injury front. The Right knee is sore, but getting better.

My Shoulder, however, not so good. My right shoulder has some tears in the laborum, some minor arthritis, and some other injury. My Dr is putting me on a limited course of PT, and then we might have to head towards Arthroscopic and 2-4 months before back to full strength.

So what does that mean for my climbing career? It means I will have to climb later in the season. Still working on Mt. Baker, but I now found out that Alpine Ascents has a September climb of Rainier. I really wanted to go with RMI since they are legendary, but, the September date might be calling me home.

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Climbing Mt. Baker

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This is long but will give you a feeling for the climb on Sunday.