Sunday, April 8, 2007

Where to, Where to?

So, the longer I research next potential climbs, the more potential locations I find. Today, I was looking at REI's site, (, for expedition packs, and came across their adventure travel section. They offer climbing trips in the US to Mt. Washington (done it) and Mt. Shasta.

Now Mt. Shasta is interesting. Its over 14,000 feet, but the closest airport is REDDING, CA, 60 miles away. I am sure there are many direct flights from the NY area to REDDING, CA. NOT!!!!!! (yes, I still enjoy the NOT jokes).

So, judging from the poll results on the blog (I think the only voters are me and my mom, because I told her too) and proximity to a major airport, Mt. Baker is still in the lead. My big question now, is "am I flying solo, or going with my Mt. Washington partner? Only time will tell.

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