Tuesday, June 9, 2009

All Geared Up and Pretty Ready to Go

Building on the last post, finally getting close to fully geared up. I think I might still need some socks and sock liners, but pretty covered otherwise. Mark is dealing with the Meds which is great. I ended up getting the pair of boots in the photo with one bad D Ring for $40! They retail new for $320!!! Love doing this on the cheap. If you ever want to save money buy buying used equipment, the best time to do it is before you guy on life threatening expeditions. Just kidding Mom!

The one thing I still need to figure out is photography. My goal is to streamline devices this time and only take one camera that does both video and stills.

My training has been good but I will never believe that I am ready until I am done climbing. A lot of gym time, using stair steppers and ellipticals on the highest resistance, and hiking up hills with a 50 pound pack. I have a sore achilles tendon, which I have self diagnosed as Achilles Tendonitis, and bought support for that and my right knee to hopefully minimize pain. I leave in a week and a half and am very excited.

First, though, off to Portland for a job interview. My potential boss's office has a direct view of Mt. Hood. Is that a sign or what?

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