Thursday, June 4, 2009

Not Posting That Much Doesn't Mean That I Don't Care

I haven't posted in about a month but a lot has been going on. I am still interviewing but feeling good about my prospects and hopefully getting close to something. I have been traveling semi-often to meet with the companies that I am speaking to.

But, the most exciting news is that Ecuador is 16 days away from today!!!! I am so excited. Today was gear day. I set up to rent some stuff (crampons, helmet, harness) and bought a bunch of used gear on which I got great pricing. For $270 I got mountaineering boots (Scarpa Invernos), Ice Axe, GoreTex shell (Mountain Hardwear Typhoon) and a self inflating sleeping pad (Mammut Light). All great stuff in great condition. And the beauty is, most of the prices were within $10 of the rental fee, so I got some great buys! I will continue to update as I get closer.

Ecuador here we come!

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