Saturday, June 13, 2009

In Portland for Interviews, Perfect Place to Supplement Gear

I have been in Portland OR this week interviewing for a potential job that I am excited about. Of course, as my life is never easy, my Portland trip is one week away from my Ecuador trip. Until yesterday, I was prepping for the interviews. But those are over now and went well (I think) so today I turn my entire focus towards some big F'ing volcanoes in Ecuador.

Worked out, and am now going to start doing a gear check. The good news, is Portland is an outdoor paradise with plenty of places to go to fill in the missing pieces of gear. Today looks like I will buy a camera, gloves, more socks and liners, and some super feet insoles for my boots. I have been having some achilles issues lately (self diagnosed Achilles Tendonitis) so I am looking for all the support possible and SuperFeet insoles are supposed to be great. Might also look at a new, lighter headlamp.

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